TRIOS 3 IntraOral Digital Scanner

TRIOS digital impressionsPatients often dread getting restorative work done because of the goopy, gag-inducing impressions that need to be made. Our office offers completely digital, full color, 3D dental impressions for a more accurate, more comfortable process. Using the TRIOS 3 IntraOral Digital Scanner, we are able to take more than 3,000 images per second of your entire mouth with precision accuracy. Even color shading is more accurate and natural with our all digital impressions, which we can then use to custom mill crowns, bridges, and more right in the office. If the restoration would happen to need to be sent to a dental lab, we can email the scans for faster and more accurate processing than ever before.

Digital impressions also allow us to better educate and explain the restorative process to our patients, because they can see the images in full color and 3D for a much better representation of the current state of their mouth and what work needs to be done.

Full Color 3D Digital Impressions